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World class meditation retreats with Buddhist monks


Relax & reconnect with a deeper truth in a peaceful sanctuary

A one of a kind meditation experience in Koh Samui, Thailand. Open to anyone interested in undertaking the journey from the outside world to their inner nature through ancient wisdom shared by Buddhist teachers that have walked that path before. Located in the most stunning and peaceful settings, surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. Retreat guests experience an enriching and memorable time with us away from the many stresses and pressures of modern life. 

Disconnect & Discover

For more than 7 years the Samui International Meditation Center has been helping people from every culture, background and creed in deepening their knowledge of meditation and discovering the path to inner peace. With more than a dozen practising Buddhist monks at the center, retreat guests get an authentic experience in a safe, welcoming environment. Our many guests share their love for the simple, yet profound meditation technique we teach and the peaceful serenity of our private grounds during their time with us. 

"Our Mission is to Create World Peace through Inner Peace"

- Phra Punnadhammo (Head Monk at Samui International Meditation Center)

Ancient Wisdom For 21st Century Living

The Middle Way Meditation method that is taught at the center is a globally accepted and practised technique. It’s popularity stems from it being easy enough to be learned by children, yet profound enough to create radical change in one’s life if practised regularly. As a trusted technique for millions around the world, it is seen as a relatively fast meditation method that can be easily adopted into any busy schedule without too much effort.



Although the technique was developed by the Lord Buddha, its practice is not limited to Buddhists. The practice has nothing to do with any organized religion and it can be freely practised by everyone without conflict to race, creed or religion. People from many religious backgrounds have experienced the benefits of The Middle Way Meditation. Whether you’re a complete novice or an advanced meditator, it is a dynamic technique that brings an array of benefits to all experience levels.


We have retreat packages to suit every budget from fully inclusive programs offering an immersive meditation experience all the way to introductory programs for those seeking to help the center with volunteer work whilst getting a flavour of what we do.


If you’re ready for an authentic experience with fully ordained English speaking Buddhist monks, join us at one of our upcoming retreat’s.

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The place is an oasis of peace and tranquility, both In terms of location and appearance, and the service it provides. There cannot be anything more important in our lives than exploring our inner potential and capacity for peace, kindness and compassion to fulfil the purpose of our existence. The knowledge and guidance available at the Centre is invaluable and rewarding. It is no coincidence that my journey of exploration involves learning at the Centre.

- Jadranka F, Russia (February 2020) 

  • Is it necessary to be a Buddhist to practice The Middle Way Meditation?
    No. You do not have to be a Buddhist to practice the Middle Way Meditation. Anyone can practice without being a Buddhist, because the practice does not require any religious ceremony or practice at all. It is the thing that anyone who has normal state of mine can learn.
  • My mind is very busy and never stop thinking most of the time. Can I practice the Middle Way Mediation, then?"
    You are one of the people who have the normal state of mind. It is the nature of the mind to have thoughts, but the mind can also have the nature to be peaceful once it is in the right situation with supporting atmosphere. So Yes, you can practice meditation.
  • How should I address the monk in conversation?
    In Thailand people address the monk “Luang Pi” (Venerable Brother) for any normal monk or Luang Poh(Venerable father) for a very senior monk. It is not quite polite to just call him by name.
  • Does the retreat cost include transfer from the airport?
    Yes, we will have you picked up from the Samui International Airport.
  • Is it necessary to sit correctly in the half-lotus position on the floor in order to practice the Middle Way Meditation?
    At beginning sitting with the standard half-lotus position on the floor can be very uncomfortable after some time passed, so at beginning we can sit in different position like sitting in a chair, sitting on sofa, etc. but always try to get into a comfortable and stable position that we can sit for a long time without having to change position too often. In the long run we should continuously train ourselves with the half-lotus position, as it is the best position for reaching the high-level state of meditation.
  • During retreat can I go outside the center sometimes to see the island, etc?"
    We recommend against leaving, because you will be distracted by the outside atmosphere and people, and then it will take some more time to get back the peaceful state of mind you had started to develop. We believe that staying in the center during the duration of the whole program without interruption brings the best results.
  • Do we have period of personal time during retreat that we practice on our own?
    Yes, you do have time with the group and personal time to train yourself in the program.
  • Is it necessary to join one of the Middle Way Meditation Retreat programs rather than trying to practice on our own at home right from beginning?
    At the beginning we need enough time of continuous practice without interruption from our daily routines. That will give us opportunity to free our mind from everything easier and experience the high-level peaceful state of mind or be able to bring the mind to complete stillness. It is much more difficult to start to have that kind of experience right from home and everyday life, but once you can make it happen, it will become easier next time.
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