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From the very first moment you arrive and enter our gates, you will be welcomed into our sanctuary. What we are and what we do is based on the Buddhist way of life. The Samui International Meditation Center is a special place that brings people from different cultures together with English speaking monks in a way that benefits and respects all.


Located in the North East of Thailand’s favourite island, Koh Samui, the center is surrounded by serene natural beauty and tranquil settings, making it the perfect destination for anyone looking to disconnect from the pressures of everyday life and reconnect with themselves.


Normally when you go to stay at a Thai temple there will be an element of pressure and caution because temples are holy in Thailand. With us, our focus is about sharing our ancient teachings with an international audience therefore we respect the Thai Buddhist way of life, but at the same time embrace a modern approach. This view to teaching ensures all of our retreat guests feel welcomed and at home when they stay with us.

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Teacher of stillness in the mind and true inner peace

Phra Punnadhammo, head monk of Samui International Meditation Center

Hi, I’m Phra Punnadhammo, the head monk of the Samui International Meditation Center and my journey as a Theravada Buddhist monk started more than 24 years ago. During that time I’ve had the privilege of setting up multiple mindfulness meditation centers and teaching in the US and many countries across Europe. Presently, my work is focused on teaching other monks and guests of the center to reach stillness in the mind and true inner peace.

Since the center opened, it has helped countless people from every culture, background and creed. Our concept is completely unique and leading the way in sharing wisdom that was previously only available to select groups. It is my great honour to be supporting the vision of The Middle Way movement and contribution that the center is making for the international community.

I would like to personally welcome you to our sanctuary and hopefully you will soon get a true taste of clarity of the mind and inner stillness.


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The Samui Meditation Center is a must visit place. Their evening guided meditation sessions are absolutely amazing. There is enough information to understand and be comfortable for a beginner and for someone who has been actively practicing mediation for a while. Before visiting the center, I meditated only for 10-15 minutes a day and always felt an urge to finish my practice. However, after my 50 minute meditation at the center, I could not believe that the time flew by so quickly. I feel that the techniques that I have learned there will help me to improve my ability to focus and extend the practice time even more. at the Centre.

- Lia G, United States (February 2020) 


The Way Of The Buddha

The center follows the original teachings of Buddha and the Great Master Phramongkolthepmuni. In as little as 7 days of dedicated practice of the techniques shared by these great masters, you can expect to unlock the exact steps to creating inner peace in your own life. We understand the value in sharing these teachings with as many people as possible. Our mission to impact humanity positively drives everything that we do here. We follow the principles of the great teachers by sharing wisdom in a way that is accessible, easy to follow and simple enough to incorporate into everyday life.

Despite the teachings being thousands of years old, they are even more relevant in today's extreme times. Our center is a hidden sanctuary filled with nature, nurture, respect, and fun, helping our guests escape the many stresses of modern life. We uphold a simple, minimal approach to living that will take care of your needs in a balanced, harmonious way. Most importantly what you learn during your time with us will nourish your daily life when incorporated into a healthy routine after you leave us.

Making your experience unforgettable and truly life-changing.


Safely nestled away from the stresses of everyday life, the Samui International Meditation Center is a peaceful sanctuary for anyone seeking stillness of the mind and inner peace. Designed to accommodate a minimal, stress-free approach to living, our retreat accommodation offers a quiet comfort and secluded privacy for all guests. We’ve created a special place with the perfect conditions for switching off from the stresses and distractions of the modern world, ensuring our guests can find the space to turn their attention inwards, towards their inner world.

All guest rooms are single-room bungalows in the heart of the center’s natural landscape. Every guest has access to our beautiful tranquil gardens, meditation villas and viewpoints during their stay. The center is perfectly positioned in the North East of the Koh Samui island, less than 15 minutes drive from the Samui airport and a short taxi ride from the nearest pier.



Join us at one of our upcoming retreat experiences and rediscover the benefits of being present, focusing your energy, and reconnecting with yourself. Inner peace and harmony comes from slowing down your mind, bringing clarity to your thoughts, and eliminating the behaviours and situations that trigger stress. Give yourself the gift of disconnecting and time to discover your true-self.

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