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Respecting the monks and their way of life is crucial to helping you get the most out of your time at the center. As more than a dozen monks call the Samui International Medication Center home, we ask all visitors to respect the peaceful environment by understanding the different expectations to be upheld. Visitors have a unique opportunity to get up close to Buddhist monks, so to ensure all parties are respected, we've put together a few guidelines to help clear any misunderstandings:

  • All monks should be addressed as, “Luang Pee”.

  • Since monks are prohibited from having any physical contact with women, women have to maintain a respectful distance. 

  • Do not offer used goods or food leftovers to the monk. If you would like to share your food with the monk, the monk should be the first person to take the food from the serving plate.

  • Do not point the soles of your feet in the direction of the Buddha or the monk.

  • If partaking in the alms round, be sure to stand slightly apart from and to the back of the most junior monk. Pictures may be taken in a non-disruptive fashion.

  • Make sure that you are at the same or lower level when in the presence of a monk. If the monk is standing, you may stand. If the monk is seated, you may only sit. When sitting in the chair, the soles of both feet should be on the floor. Never sit directly across from the monk. Be sure that the respectful distance is maintained.

Image by Chris Arthur-Collins


Peaceful living respecting all

As guests and visitors are coming into the center from the fast-paced, sometimes chaotic outside world. We ask that all who choose the center as a temporary home, treat it like their own and respect all aspects at all times. To ensure a harmonious relationship between guests,  inhabitants and nature, we offer some simply easy to follow guidelines to ensure the respect for all continues.

  • Follow five (or eight) precepts of Buddhism, click here to view 'Sila'.

  • If possible, wear white or light-colored clothes at the sanctuary. Revealing clothes or any clothes exposing the knees (such as shorts), shoulders (strap tops, tube tops, tank tops), or midriffs are prohibited.

  • Maintain good hygiene of your body and your room. Be sure to clean the public areas after yourself.

  • The seventh precept of Buddhism prohibits dancing, music, shows, etc. Please refrain from playing loud music or making noise after 9:30 pm.

Image by Sergio Capuzzimati
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