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Positive contributions to all

A key feature of Buddhist practice is generating merit. The idea of merit implies an auspicious or fortunate act. Typically, any action that is based upon generosity, compassion and wisdom is deemed as producing merit. The action that forms the first step of all good merit is the act of giving, in particular offerings to Buddhist monks who are in-training and sharing the Buddha teaching present one of the higher levels of accumulating merit, mentioned by the Buddha.


Most Buddhists pursue generating merit each and every day in an attempt to purify the mind and produce good fortune in this life or the next. At a metaphysical level, good merit can be extended to loved ones to improve their experience in their new incarnation. Even if someone has little or nothing to give, they can still rejoice in another’s act of giving, as this will itself generate merit. 

Image by John Thomas


Every donation helps to maintain our center and support the monks in their life and teaching.

If you would like to offer your time and service instead, come and visit us at the center, or contact us via the details on our volunteer page.

We appreciate every kind of help.

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